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Free Sample CPC Exam from Just Coding.Com

If you are still practicing for the CPC exam, offers a free sample quiz online.  You can see it below.  If you need more practice consider purchasing the 150 questions exam.

Sample test questions for the CPC® exam

The following question was developed by Lisa Rae Roper, MHA, PCS,

CPC, CPC-I, CCS-P, an adjunct instructor for HCPro’s Certified Coder Boot

Camp®, for preparation of the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam.

Unless the question states otherwise, assume that a physician documented all

the information provided. You have two minutes to complete each question. You

may not use any outside materials for this exam other than the 2012 CPT, ICD-9-

CM, and HCPCS Level II manuals.

JustCoding Platinum members have access to a 150-question practice

exam. To learn how to become a Platinum member, click on the link “About


1. A 74-year-old patient underwent an esophagotomy via cervical

approach with removal of a foreign body. The patient was placed under

general anesthesia for this procedure. The anesthesiologist’s

preoperative note indicated that this was the first visit with this patient.

She dictated a detailed history, detailed examination, and lowcomplexity

decision-making due to mild hypertension, controlled

diabetes, and several medications. How should the anesthesiologist

report her services?

a. 00500-AA-P2, 99100

b. 43020, 99100

c. 99143, 00500-AA-P2, 99100

d. 00500-AA-P3, 99100-51

Answers to 20 sample test questions for the CPC exam


a. The CPT® Professional Edition guidelines for anesthesia codes

provide reporting instructions for physical status modifiers, add-on

codes for qualifying circumstances, and bundled services. The

preoperative visit would not be reported due to bundling rules.


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Average Salaries for Medical Coders
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